Red Lion Controls, Inc.

Dec. 12, 2006
New Protocol Converter Interconnects Dissimilar Devices

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Red Lion Controls, Inc. has announced its new Data Station Plus, a powerful tool for connectivity and machine data management, offering data collection with built-in protocol converter, virtual HMI access, seamless device communication, CSV-ready files, and easy access from any Internet browser in the world for remote monitoring.

It is a multiple protocol converter, a system data logger, and a Web interface for industrial and M2M applications that converts numerous protocols simultaneously, allowing seamless communication between disparate devices, and can save collected data in CSV files that are easily viewed by programs such as Microsoft Excel and Access.

Its comprehensive, user-friendly set of data management tools makes it ideal for manufacturers wanting to interconnect and monitor dissimilar devices such as PLCs, drives, barcode scanners, vision systems, and modems. And its virtual HMI interface provides remote access and control of the system using a standard Internet browser from virtually any PC. Further, alarms and notifications can be sent via text-message or e-mail to warn of pending problems or required maintenance.

A removable CompactFlash memory card stores logged data into “IT-ready” CSV files allowing for virtually limitless memory expansion and data collection capability.