Ometric Corp.

Dec. 6, 2006
Real-time, In-line Process Control Goes Wireless

At the ISPE Annual Meeting Nov. 6, Ometric Corp. announced the addition of wireless capabilities to its process control systems for the pharmaceutical industry. The upgrade, called SpectrInline Processware Pharma 2.0, will allow manufacturers to engage in real-time, in-line process control with remote access capabilities.

"There are a number of pharmaceutical process control applications for which wireless technology is ideal," observed Bob Freese, Ometric's chief technology officer. "This upgrade is designed to suit blending environments that involve rotating or tumbling, hard-to-reach or remote locations, and environments lacking appropriate energy sources for process control equipment."

SpectrInline Processware Pharma 2.0’s compact size and one-piece design prevent it from becoming a manufacturing obstacle. Its easy-to-mount mechanism and internal rechargeable battery capability ensure minimal interruption and maintenance, according to the company.

"The wireless upgrade was a natural and appropriate direction for SpectrInline Processware," said Ometric CEO Walter Alessandrini. "Our process control system was designed to be insensitive to industrial production conditions, and the wireless upgrade helps us achieve that in even more manufacturing environments."

Alessandrini also said the unit’s compact size is an attractive feature for customers. "To remain competitive, pharmaceutical manufacturers must make optimal use of their entire facilities, " he added. "This system allows manufacturers to engage in real-time, in-line process control without sacrificing their production space."