Sartorius North America, Inc.

Dec. 11, 2006
Disposable Bioreactor Features Cell Culture Convenience

Sartorius has launched a new generation of disposable bioreactors with the introduction of its Biostat CultiBag RM, utilizing rocking motion for mixing with low shear, and designed for shear sensitive cells and any single-use applications.

The Biostat system features an “easy-to-use” touch screen control system with integrated measurement and control hardware, pumps, temperature and gassing systems for excellent process control. The application-driven, configured packages for basic, optical and perfusion provide everything needed to get started.

The Basic Package is used for simple and easy cultivation, the Optical Package is designed for batch and fed-batch processes, with the control of disposable optical chemical pH and DO sensors, and the Perfusion Package is used for perfusion control. Packages include feed/harvest control by weight in addition to optical controller capabilities. The disposable cell cultivation bags are available with scalable working volumes from 0.5 L to 100 L. Each optical and perfusion package also includes an MFCS/DA software package for data collection and manipulation.

The CultiBag RM is ideal for --

  • Cell culture, growth of animal, insect and plant cells
  • Shear sensitive cells or anaerobic bacteria
  • Transition from shake or tissue culture flasks
  • Cultivation of seed for traditional bioreactors
  • Production scale up to 100 L