Brentek International, Inc.

Dec. 14, 2006
Pulse Timing Modules Solve Timing Issues

Brentek's PTM-300 series pulse timing modules solve timing issues by providing precise timing control of proximity and photo-sensor output pulses in process control, conveyor and machine applications. Their input circuitry automatically detects and determines signal polarity from any standard ‘open-collector’ type sensor output, such as NPN (sinking) and PNP (sourcing), then produces a timed output with the same polarity.

PTM-300U models include an LCD display and user controls for selecting the desired timing function (fixed-pulse length, pulse extended, motion detection, delay-on, delay-off, buffer, etc). Pulse timing is from 10 milliseconds to 60 seconds with timing resolutions of 1mS (from 10mS to 999mS) and tenth seconds (from 1-60 Seconds). Other features include ‘fault-protected’ output circuitry and encapsulated timing circuitry. Selectable input modes are also provided, including complement signal polarity and ‘de-bounce’ of pulses from dry contact input sources.

Standard models operate from 10 to 30Vdc and provide ‘real-time’ bi-color LED indication of the input and output signals’ polarities. PTM-300U models are user-configurable. Both are packaged in a 2-inch-square low-profile 8-pin octal plug-in. OEM base pricing is $83.50 and $57.25, respectively in 1-9pc quantities.