Arizona Instrument LLC

Jan. 29, 2007
Moisture/Solids Analyzer Features Compliance Enhancements

Arizona Instrument recently released the 4.36 Advantage, the newest firmware enhancement of its Computrac Max 2000XL moisture/solids analyzer.

The new Advantage firmware utilizes the Loss-on-Drying methodology, providing the testing accuracies and reliability required by the pharmaceutical industry, but it now includes three key feature enhancements to comply with the expanding requirements and policies of governing bodies, SOP certification processes and equipment verification standards. These new features include:

  • User login/tracking to track and manage user testing activities
  • Balance verification to provide in-field balance check and reporting
  • Balance mode to allow the instrument to function as a stand-alone balance

Arizona Instrument reports that many pharmaceutical companies and contracted facilities rely on the Computrac Max 2000XL's speed, precision and reliability to assist them in determining end-point drying for granulations, lyophilized materials, gel caps, and fills. The Computrac also has a proven track record in new product research and development, according to the company.