Paraytec Ltd.

March 7, 2007
UV-Vis Imaging Detector Wins Silver at Pittcon

The ActiPix D100 UV imaging detector is the first product to incorporate Paraytec's patented detection technology. According to the manufacturer, this product is set to transform UV-Vis detection with its increased sensitivity, minute sample requirements, unique multiplexing capability and wide dynamic range, unlocking new applications for UV-Vis absorbance detection and greatly enhancing existing applications.

The Paraytec ActiPix D100 is a miniature capillary UV detector, designed for on-line monitoring at a single UV wavelength, particularly for use with the separation methods of liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis.

The ActiPix D100 consists of a control box and a small remote sensor head containing a capillary cartridge. The remote head is designed for positioning exactly at your required detection point, and can be literally clipped in to an analysis stream. Its small size (approx 6.5x5.5x11cm) means that it is ideal for in-line detection with LC, nano-LC, LC-MS and CE.

The miniature size allows the detector to be used as a ‘clip-on’ accessory linked to existing separations instrumentation and in line with a mass spectrometer. Detection is performed at a selected wavelength by means of exchangeable filters. Light is delivered via a fibre optic coupled light source. Readout of signals on the active pixel sensor and absorbance calculations are carried out at MHz rates, with all processing done in hardware on custom electronic assemblies. Processed data is output in real-time to computer using an industry-standard high-speed serial data link.

Key Product Features

  • Miniature UV detector that can be placed in combination with existing lab hardware, e.g. LC-MS

  • Capillary-based detection, in-line or discrete allowing sub-microlitre sample volume

  • High spatial resolution without sacrificing sensitivity

  • ActiPix D series available as single or multiplexed configurations - up to 8 capillaries in one detector

  • Five orders of magnitude linear dynamic range

  • Powerful active pixel sensor provides real-time images

  • Can be used down to 190 nm in the UV


  • Wavelengths: Single wavelength filters selectable in range 190 – 1100 nm

  • Bandpass: 10 nm

  • Baseline noise in absorbance: 5 µAU

  • Linear dynamic range: 5 orders of magnitude: 5 µAU – 0.5 AU

  • Peptide limit of detection: 100 ng / ml (190 nm)

  • Spatial resolution: 70 µm

  • Tolerance for eluents: Useable with all standard eluents (methanol with 1 M acetic acid etc.) over full range down to 190 nm

  • Sensor: CMOS Active Pixel Sensor

  • Size of detector: Approx 6.5 x 5.5 x 11 cm