Bruker Optics

March 7, 2007
Petite FT-IR Spectrometer Ties for Bronze at Pittcon

Bruker's new Alpha, the world‘s smallest FT-IR spectrometer, is about the size of a lab book (22 cm by 30 cm, or about 8 by 11 inches) and weighs around 7 kg (about 13 lbs). It was one of two instruments receiving the Bronze Award for best new product from the editors who attended Pittcon.

The Alpha interferometer is based on Bruker Optics’ patented RockSolid design, which is used in the company's laboratory and rugged process spectrometers. The Alpha is also insensitive to vibration, so it can be placed almost anywhere, can be moved, and be immediately operational without any need for alignment. Alpha delivers excellent sensitivity as well as x-axis reproducibility and stability, according to Bruker.

The Alpha makes FT-IR analysis simpler than it has ever been before, with its plug-and- play operation, easy set-up and ease of use. The intuitive OPUS/Mentor software interface guides users every step of the way, and the time saved in not having to learn how to use the software can be devoted to analysis instead.

The Alpha offers full FT-IR sampling flexibility. User-exchangeable QuickSnap sampling modules allow the analysis of almost any kind of sample (e.g. solids, liquids or gases). Transmission, attenuated total reflection (ATR), external and diffuse reflection FT-IR sampling accessories are available.

QuickSnap Sampling Accessories

  • The universal sampling module
  • enables you to analyse all kind of samples: solids, liquids and gases. ALPHA’s QuickSnap sampling modules offer complete sampling flexibility. They can be exchanged easily without the use of tools and all sampling modules are automatically recognized by the ALPHA FT-IR spectrometer.

  • The Eco ATR
  • is a single reflection ATR sampling module that allows you to analyze most solids and liquids without any sample preparation. It is equipped with a high-throughput ZnSe ATR crystal for solids and liquids.

  • The Platinum ATR
  • is a single reflection diamond ATR sampling module that is designed to significantly ease your daily analysis. The ergonomic one-finger clamp mechanism simplifies the infrared analysis of solid and liquid samples. The robust diamond crystal allows you to analyze nearly all kind of liquid and solid samples.