Horiba Jobin Yvon

March 7, 2007
Pittcon Editors Bestow Bronze Award on ICP Spectrometer

Using the latest in advanced CCD (charged coupled device) technology, Horiba's new Activa spectrometer offers the benefits of high full-well capacity, very low readout noise, very low dark current and high-speed quality electronics resulting in an enhanced linear range. Built on Horiba's "A Platform for the Future," Activa benefits from a full range of accessories and options including the AS-500 autosampler, network-ready Remote Diagnostics and Biometric Signature for Analyst ICP (inductively coupled plasma) Software.

Features include:

  • High productivity without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Advanced CCD Technology with Advanced Inverted Mode Operation (AIMO) providing low dark current and extended dynamic range.
  • SimShot analysis provides simultaneous analysis of multiple lines for multiple elements with background. Multi-WAV acquisition uses multiple WAVs to construct the sample fingerprint for 75 elements in as little as 30 seconds.
  • WAV-Builder provides tailored analysis for speed and resolution.
  • Optical resolution of <10 pm (pixel bandpass 1.6) in first order with high resolution mode. Original high density, blazed holographic gratings, patented and manufactured by HJY, provide more signal and less stray light resulting in better detection limits.
  • Fast, easy to use sample introduction system featuring quick-release torch design. Rugged 40.68 MHz solid state generator provides robust and stable excitation conditions.
  • Activanalyst software offers the instrument and analysis control of Analyst ICP software in a multi-tasking Win XP or other NT platform environment with unique features that fully utilize the benefits of CCD detection.