Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

April 2, 2007
Informatics System Gains Chemometrics Enhancements

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. recently announced the release of version 7.8 of its KnowItAll Informatics System (Windows Client).

This release highlights capabilities resulting from further collaborations with Infometrix, Inc., the premier chemometrics software company. Chemometric models built with Infometrix' Pirouette software can now be imported directly into the KnowItAll platform. These models can be used to make property predictions based on spectral, chromatographic, or other profile data. They can predict a range of properties including biological, chemical, and manufacturing process-related endpoints.

All model types currently supported in Pirouette are supported in the KnowItAll system, including classification models (both single class and multiple class) and regression models (single property and multiple property). Prediction confidence estimates are also supported.

Another feature in the 7.8 release is the addition of Database Projection Analysis to KnowItAll's AnalyzeIt MVP application. Database Projection Analysis is a tool for performing a more detailed analysis of the results from a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) that was run in the KnowItAll system.

Following PCA, Database Projection Analysis is performed by projecting a reference database, such as a suite of metabolite profiles or a Sadtler spectral database, into the space of the PCA results.  The unclassified samples can then be easily matched to known materials, facilitating the identification of relevant features or markers in the original data. Database Projection Analysis has broad application in the field of chemometrics, including the direct identification of metabolites in metabolomics research.