Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc.

April 3, 2007
Specialty Cordsets and Sensor Connectors Available

Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. has introduced of several new multiple cable cordsets and expansion connectors designed to enhance the connectivity in a customer’s application.

The multiple cable cordsets feature the popular M12 connectors and are available in one connector wired to 2 or 3 separate M12 connectors in both male or female and combinations of both types.  The multiple cable cordsets are an ideal means of expanding the number of connections to each port on a sensor distribution box.  The molded cordsets are available in PVC, PUR or special insulation material is available upon request and come in a standard 1 meter length.  Special lengths and connector configurations are available upon request.

Also now available is a T connector which can act as a splitter in order to connect two individual cables to a distribution box.  Since the distribution box uses two independent signal connections to each port, the user can effectively connect two different sensors to each port doubling the inputs and outputs.  The T connector uses the popular M12 connector and is available in split circuit, parallel circuit and parallel circuit with LED indication.