Malvern Instruments

April 3, 2007
NIR, Chemical Imaging Unite in Single System

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At Pittcon 2007 in late February, Malvern Instruments introduced the SyNIRgi near infrared chemical imaging (NIR-CI) system. The company states that this quantitative analytical tool builds on the highly successful Spectral Dimensions Sapphire/NIRCI-2450 platform. Hallmarks of the SyNIRgi include rugged instrumentation with no moving parts, modular software that enables the development of turnkey solutions, and expandability for automation, according to the company.

The standard version will generate 81,920 NIR spectra from a 13 x 10 mm sample area in minutes. Two wavelength ranges are available; the SyNIRgi will collect data over the spectral range 1200-2450 nm, and the SyNIRgi-S (S=short wavelength) from 950-1720 nm. Malvern notes that an option will be available to collect NIR chemical images with unprecedented image fidelity, with greater than 300,000 NIR spectra in a single measurement.

The standard SyNIRgi, operating from 1200-2450 nm, provides the best possible chemical specificity in the NIR range, the company claims. It is ideal for assessing the micro characteristics of samples consisting of spatially complex arrangements of chemical species. Examples include pharmaceutical solid dosage forms such as tablets, granules, powder blends, drug delivery patches, etc.

The shorter spectral range allows NIR imaging with a greater depth of penetration, and is well suited for imaging large fields of view. Typical applications include impurity detection and identification, forensics, and the migration of additives in polymer production.

Standard image analysis tools transform qualitative information contained within an image into quantitative metrics that deliver objective answers. The true value of NIR-CI is exploited only with access to the statistical and image analysis capabilities available in ISys, Malvern’s data analysis software.

Technical capability to achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is an option once the required procedural and administrative controls are in place. Click here to download a product brochure.

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