Apriso Corp.

April 10, 2007
Quality Execution System Integrates QMS, ERP Functions

Apriso Corp., a provider of adaptive software platforms for global operations execution, on Apr. 10 announced a breakthrough in functionality of their FlexNet Quality application – the industry’s first Quality program capable of performing purely as an execution application, or as a Quality Execution System (QES). This application enhancement provides manufacturers a viable alternative to purchasing third party Quality Management Systems (QMS), which can often be challenging to integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications because of overlapping business processes, incompatible quality plans and data collection activities. Apriso’s FlexNet QES was designed instead to complement existing functionality within ERP systems provided by vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle or Infor Global Systems.

Quality Execution Systems recognize that ERP applications are designed as centralized data repositories, providing a global view of corporate performance, customer interactions, and order status while supporting Quality Assurance (QA) planning efforts best performed at the corporate level. Best-in-class manufacturers have demonstrated that quality execution is best performed as an embedded process – not as loosely linked activities – within production, maintenance and warehouse operations. Apriso’s QES has a built in feedback loop, relaying quality metrics back into the ERP master data set, where it can be analyzed and acted upon using global performance criterion that are consistent across all locations and operations processes. By complementing the built-in strengths of an ERP system, QES programs avoid redundancies, leveraging the built-in benefits of ERP applications to yield a timelier implementation and less resource-intensive execution.

Combining a Quality Execution System with an existing ERP deployment can provide manufacturers with considerable advantages, when compared to purchasing a stand alone QMS product, which must then be integrated to ERP. QES offers a paperless user interface across all operations, providing a streamlined process for an automated and documented audit trail. Apriso’s embedded QES system is designed to be part of a comprehensive operations execution strategy, providing a high degree of granular data, real-time access to operations processes with sufficient adaptability accessibility to support unplanned or exception QA activities.

Apriso’s FlexNet QES provides visibility and control across all operations tasks associated with an overall Quality Assurance program, from the boardroom down to the shop floor. FlexNet Quality is designed to execute and administer quality programs throughout the enterprise, including those related to supply chain, production, logistics and maintenance processes. With embedded integration points from its Business-process and Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), FlexNet Quality facilitates an easy transfer of quality metrics to and from an ERP system for complete, enterprise-wide visibility of quality programs.