April 5, 2007
Flow Meter Handles Local and Remote Flow Measurement

The new digital FlowCom Register from McCrometer provides simultaneous flow rate and volumetric totalized flow data for McCrometer’s popular Mc Propeller Series Flow Meter in a wide range of water monitoring applications.

Designed to replace electro-mechanical counters, the FlowCom Model FC100 features an easy-to-read two-line display. The five-digit top line of the display indicates flow rate and the eight digit bottom line of the display provides volumetric flow data. Up to 22 different output measurement units, including gallons, cubit feet and liters, are user selectable.

The FlowCom Register Model FC100 can be specified for either local direct meter reading or for remote operation monitoring. When configured for remote monitoring, the FC100 is suitable for service in confined space areas where hazardous combustible or toxic gases may be present as well as in large SCADA systems distributed over a wide geographic area.

The versatile FC100 digital display retrofits with any Mc Propeller Meter and is available with four different output options: contact closure, open collector, optically isolated open collector and a 4-20mA loop. Exceptionally easy-to-use, the FC100 is programmable via a simple magnetic wand with menu-driven features and includes a four-digit access lock-out to maintain security. All electronics are sealed in a NEMA 4X enclosure for use in rugged operating environments.

The FC100 is designed with two input power options. The FC100 includes a long-life Lithium battery, nonvolatile memory to protect flow data, and is an excellent option for single-point meter-mount or small systems monitoring. For larger applications and/or remote monitoring, a DC-powered 4-20mA loop configuration can be integrated with a distributed control system (DCS). The 4-20mA loop requires a 12-40 Vdc power supply and can be mounted up to 5,000 feet away from the meter.

The Mc Propeller Series operates over a flow range of 1-15 FPS, under pressures up to 300 psi and a continuous operation temperature up to 160°F maximum. Measurement accuracy is +2% of rate and repeatability is +0.25% in pipes from 4 to 96 inches. The Mc Propeller Series is easy to install and is available in a space-saver model that greatly reduces straight-pipe run requirements to reduce installation material and labor costs. Unlike traditional propeller meters, the Mc features a flexible drive-train and sealed ball bearings, making it easier to service in the field and lowering maintenance costs.

The Mc Propeller Flow Meter consists of a rotating helical-shaped impeller, positioned in the flow stream. When liquid passes through the meter, it contacts the impeller causing it to spin. The impeller’s rotational velocity is directly proportional to the velocity of the flow. The rotation is translated through a magnetic coupling and flexible drive system to the register, which calculates the flow rate by multiplying the flow velocity with the cross-sectional area of the meter tube.