GE Sensing

April 24, 2007
ITMS Sensing Instrument Proves Its Mettle in Pharma

GE Sensing’s new Kaye Validator ITMS cleaning validation instrument was the winner of a special Innovation Award at the POWTECH/TechnoPharm exhibition, which took place in Nurenberg, Germany Mar. 28-29, 2007. The award was organized and sponsored by PROCESS, a leading German chemical and pharmaceutical trade journal, and attracted more than 50 companies in four categories.  Entries were whittled down to 12 finalists, and the Validator won in the “Pharmaceutical Technology” category.

The Validator ITMS is a portable at-line instrument, which can accelerate the cleaning validation process. It does so by employing ion trap mobility spectrometry (ITMS) rather than conventional high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC).  It can also analyze swab samples for the presence of small molecule API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) residues and cleaning agents in roughly 1 minute.  As a result, operators can assess system cleanliness at-line quickly and get production lines up and running sooner.