Parsec Automation Corp.

April 27, 2007
Real-Time Data Collection Improves Manufacturing Performance

Parsec Automation Corp. on Apr. 24 introduced the Parsec TrakSYS 5.0. With both new and enhanced functionality in modeling and configuration, multi-mode real-time data collection and post-production edits, advanced analytics, messaging and notifications, and the foundation for enterprise (multi-site) intelligence reporting and benchmarking, TrakSYS 5.0, gives organizations more tools to improve the performance of their manufacturing operations.

The new TrakSYS real-time performance management solution offers manufacturers benefits:

  • Users can meet challenges based on event occurrences, value changes and key performance indicators with messaging and notification sent to subscribers via email or SMS (text message) formats to PCs, PDAs, pagers and mobile phones, thus leveraging the power to quickly respond and improve productivity.
  • Users can increase their efficiency through organized and computer-assisted manual data collection from assets and operations -- where automated acquisition is not possible or cost prohibited -- by a set of dynamic, user-configurable forms. This data is then stored, analyzed and visualized in the same manner as the automatically collected data.
  • Users now can easily model custom attributes and analytics specific to their resources, assets and workflow to make the process of performance management tailored to their own operations. This will significantly increases the effectiveness of their organized continuous improvement and operational excellence programs.
  • Users can now interact even more effectively with shop-floor information to make decisions that will improve performance in real time. The shop-floor operators and associates play a critical role in successful continuous improvement initiatives. TrakSYS 5.0 provides them with more relevant, focused and actionable intelligence to help them better fulfill this critical role.

Gaining Control of Applications, Assets and Productivity Plans

TrakSYS 5.0 incorporates new capabilities that further elevate Parsec customers’ ability to collect data, analyze events critical to productivity enhancements, determine root causes for bottlenecks, improve quality yield, reduce cycle time, lower cost of production, streamline raw materials inventory, facilitate planning and scheduling, increase effective asset utilization, and help lower capital expenditure for new assets.

ALERTTrak, a new TrakSYS module within Release 5.0’s modular, service-oriented framework, provides solutions for messaging and notification services to help proactively and effectively manage events that could lead to significant production losses in real time. With the introduction of SCRIBETrak, TrakSYS’s new web-based manual data management service, it is now possible to systematically collect pertinent data from all sources and areas of any manufacturing operation [regardless of infrastructure]. The user is no longer limited to data collection from automated data sources. With the addition of SCRIBETrak, the TrakSYS suite will make it possible to manage data sources automatically, semi-automatically, interactively and manually.