GE Sensing

April 27, 2007
RF Technology Offers Wireless Validation

GE Sensing on Apr. 24 launched its first RF real time, wireless validation system at the Interphex Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition in New York City from April 24-26. The new Kaye RF ValProbe offers operators the option to view data in real time without the need or cost of wiring or collecting historical data from remote loggers. This feature is key for verifying system set-up prior to studies or for verifying status at critical times during studies.

This has been made possible by integrating reliable and robust RF Mesh technology and multiple-redundant data storage with the highly accurate measuring capabilities of the ValProbe. The resulting system consists of RF wireless loggers, a base station and software. The loggers provide high accuracy measurement of temperature, pressure and humidity through 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs. External and internal temperature transmitters provide increased flexibility for a variety of applications. Data can be collected from many loggers and distributed over a wide area.The Mesh networking technology ensures that no data is lost, by permitting loggers to route data to another logger for subsequent forwarding, if the direct path to the base station is blocked.

The software and data reporting features that accompany the RF technology enable regulatory-compliant text and graph reports, eliminating the need to download data to a separate spreadsheet program, saving time and reducing the risk of data analysis errors. Data is protected with the encryption.The principal area of application for the new system is in the validation and monitoring of environmental chambers and storage areas, such as stability chambers, freezers, refrigerators and warehouses.