Form Automation Solutions, Inc.

May 2, 2007
Mobile Data Collection Eliminates Paper Trail

Form Automation Solutions, Inc. and its AuditMatic v4.0, eliminate paper-based manual systems for mobile data collection, reporting and analysis. The quality improvement community will get its first look at AuditMatic at the upcoming World Conference on Quality and Improvement, April 30-May 2 in Orlando, Fla.
AuditMatic enables non-technical managers to create, publish and distribute data collection forms to mobile workers equipped with handheld computers or smart phones. The mobile workers upload the collected data to the AuditMatic server, which processes it and makes it accessible to the authorized manager in real time by means of a dashboard on their web-browser.

AuditMatic includes a task manager application, so large groups of mobile workers can be assigned data collection tasks, and the system will monitor their progress in completing the tasks.

AuditMatic has been selected by Microsoft for inclusion in its catalog of Windows Mobile solutions. It is available either as a hosted, subscription-based solution or by license purchase. Since it is designed for non-technical users, AuditMatic requires minimal training and no programming.
According to the company, by automating data collection and integrating it with task management, analysis, and reporting – all in real time – AuditMatic eliminates the blind spots.