Bioident Technologies, Inc.

May 10, 2007
Lab-on-a-Chip System Enables High-Sensitivity, Multi-Analyte Diagnostics

Bioident Technologies Inc. on May 8 introduced the first complete, functional lab-on-a-chip system — the PhotonicFlow System. The system is comprised of a multi-well chip, a handheld device controller and readout software. The PhotonicFlow System is based on Bioident's PhotonicLab Platform, which combines printed semiconductors with various lab-on-chip technologies. With this development, Bioident's customers and partners now have the ability to develop disposable lab-on-a-chip solutions that eliminate the need for expensive and bulky readout systems, enabling cost-effective mobile diagnostics and analysis.

The PhotonicFlow System expands on Bioident's earlier nanotiter-plate prototype — a 1x3-inch multi-well chip with a fully integrated photodetector array based on printed semiconductor technology with a dedicated pixel under each well on the chip. This array converts light into electrical signals, enabling real-time analysis of multiple agents. The new components of the PhotonicFlow System are the handheld device controller for electronic readout of the signals from the photodetector and the readout software for analytics and calibration. According to the company, this system eliminates the need for large, expensive, external readout systems being used today and opens up new opportunities for applications in medical in-vitro diagnostics, chemical and biological threat detection, and water testing.

Bioident's PhotonicLab Platform uses printed semiconductor-based technology to print light detection and electronics capabilities directly onto any surface, including glass and plastic materials, enabling on-chip analysis and diagnostics. In addition, the company uses existing assays and reagents and established testing protocols to deliver real-time and in-situ, multi-parameter detection capabilities for all categories of chemical and biological analytes. Bioident's printing process can also be used to create a wide variety of existing in-vitro diagnostic devices, opening up new opportunities and applications for real-time analysis of chemical and biological substances.

Bioident's PhotonicFlow System is available directly from Bioident for current and future development partners.