Eriez Magnetics

May 28, 2007
Magnetic Separators Allow For Varying Strengths

Eriez Magnetics recently introduced its ProGrade series of Magnetic Separators.  The ProGrade line features high quality magnetic plates, grates, traps and tubes that are designed and priced for the pharmaceutical industry.
The ProGrade line includes professional grade magnets and assemblies at three different degrees of magnetic strength, allowing customers to choose the level of protection that is right for their particular application.

ProGrade Xtreme series is designed specifically for pharmaceutical-grade assemblies. These products offer process purity, the finest materials and construction techniques and powerful magnetic circuits.

ProGrade Ceramic series is designed for general industry assemblies. These products offer basic protection from tramp metals damaging downstream equipment.

ProGrade Rare Earth series is designed for sanitary-grade assemblies. These products prevent contamination and tramp metal damage. Assemblies are designed with demanding attention to welds and finish and feature stainless steel construction and high power magnets.