Rockwell Automation

June 18, 2007
Software Reduces Drive Configuration Time, Eases Operation

A new integrated drive configuration feature now available in RSLogix 5000 v.16 software from Rockwell Automation allows users of Allen-Bradley PowerFlex drives to consolidate drive system configuration, operation and maintenance into a single, integrated environment. Called 'Premier Integration', this capability helps reduce programming, installation and overall ownership costs by minimizing the number of software tools required. Additional benefits include faster startup, improved accuracy and easier drive system maintenance.

"Motor control users are constantly seeking simpler solutions that save time without sacrificing performance," said Steven Goh, motor control market development director, Rockwell Automation. "Traditionally, adding a drive to a control system meant learning to work with a different software tool and manage separate drive configuration files. By collapsing this part of the system into a single software package, management of drives in a control system is easier because there is only one software package to purchase and learn."

Integrated drive configuration allows users to configure both controller and drive network connections from a single location, which minimizes the potential for errors when defining the Ethernet/IP or ControlNet network I/O. This feature also eliminates the task of individually programming the required parameters and tags. As a result, users no longer have to complete complicated programming functions when installing PowerFlex drives or constantly refer back to user manuals for specific parameter and tag information.

To ease maintenance and improve access to information, drive configuration data is saved as part of the RSLogix project file and also stored in the Logix controller. As a result, there is no need to store and maintain multiple files - users only need one file for both the controller and all drive configurations.

RSLogix 5000 v.16 includes full configuration and download support for the complete Allen-Bradley PowerFlex family of drives as well as most legacy drive products such as Bulletin 1305 and 1336 drives.