Phenomenex, Inc.

July 19, 2007
Gas Chromatography Column Wins R&D Award

Phenomenex, Inc. has been notified by R&D Magazine that it has won the coveted R&D 100 Award for the second year in a row.

The breakthrough product developed by Phenomenex researchers, called the Zebron Inferno gas chromatography column, sustains temperatures up to 430°C (806°F). A polyimide coating protects the column from extreme temperatures, so it can be used in measuring contaminants in a host of pharmaceutical, life sciences, biodiesel and food and beverage products. It also yields greater accuracy in workplace drug testing and the use of banned substances in athletics.

The award will be announced formally in the September issue of R&D Magazine, a monthly U.S. business publication read by technology decision makers and leaders in research and design worldwide. Characterized as the "Oscars of Innovation" by the Chicago Tribune, the R&D 100 recognizes those products the editors consider the most important technological breakthroughs during the year.

"Legacy gas chromatography columns cannot sustain temperatures over 380°C without becoming brittle, wearing out quickly and requiring replacement," notes Jim Archer, lead R&D scientist for the Zebron Inferno. "But with this product, a new polyimide coating protects the column externally and an improved bonding stabilizes the column internally. The column lasts longer and doesn't crumble under extremely hot temperatures, eliminating the need for unwieldy stainless steel columns."

According to the manufacturer, Zebron Inferno GC columns also offer low bleed and high stability, and are individually QC tested prior to shipping.