Wave Biotech, LLC

Oct. 11, 2007
Instrumentation Module Integrates Bioreactor and Controls

The new WavePOD instrument module from Wave Biotech integrates all instrumentation associated with the bioreactor, such as DO, pH, and gas composition controls. Developed in response to customer demand, this unit combines four key instruments previously available as separate controllers in a single portable device.

The WavePOD connects via a digital link to a Wave Bioreactor and its large color touchscreen allows easy access to all parameters, including data from the bioreactor.

By integrating all the controls associated with a bioreactor it is possible to develop complex control schemes such as dissolved oxygen control by automatically varying rocker speed.

The WavePOD and Wave Bioreactor form a control cluster that can be accessed remotely over the built-in Ethernet interface for data acquisition and control.