Red Lion Controls, Inc.

Nov. 7, 2007
Touchscreen Adds Large XGA Display to Data Management System

Red Lion Controls, Inc. recentely introduced a touchscreen panel, featuring a large 15" XGA (1024 x 768) display, to its data management platform. The G315 is the latest addition to Red Lion’s line of G3 panels.

The G315 adds an additional RS485 port to the G3 family’s standard compliment of three serial ports and an Ethernet port. The two RS232 and two RS485 ports allow the G315 to communicate to virtually any serial device.

The G315’s Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX port delivers connectivity by supporting up to four protocols simultaneously. The G315 panel also provides a USB programming port and an expansion slot for the addition of optional communications card, providing users with extended serial communication or fieldbus connectivity such as Profibus, DeviceNet or CANOpen.

The G315 arrives standard with an integrated protocol converter, allowing the HMI to act as a communication hub between any and all connected devices. Programmed via Red Lion Controls free Crimson 2.0 software, data exchange is achieved in seconds using the built-in driver list and drag and drop register mapping. PLCs can now communicate with any drive, SCADA and serial or Ethernet enabled devices.

Using the G315 integrated data logger, information can be recorded in “IT-Ready” CSV files on a CompactFlash card for further analysis or troubleshooting. In addition, the embedded Web Server provides remote viewing and control capability with no extra software required, just a simple web browser. Users can monitor and control their application or download data logs using HTTP or FTP access.