Nov. 20, 2007
New Junction Box Consolidates Wiring Process

Turck’s M12 eurofast junction box aims to save installation time by mounting one junction box instead of punching eight receptacle holes for through panel signal connections. This design was inspired by numerous customer requests to consolidate wiring with inside panel cable or lead home run options to lessen the number of parts required and simplify the purchasing process. The junction box is available with nickel plated brass or stainless steel insert threads.

The junction box is equipped with outside the box signal and power LEDs, and is available with 8-ports and dual outputs. The boxes also provide an operating current of 4 Amps per port and 9 Amps total, with a 10-48 VDC operating voltage. Nylon, fully encapsulated housings offer an IP 67 protection rating when all receptacles are connected or covered with plugs.