Nova Biomedical

Dec. 17, 2007
BioProcess Analyzer Measures Chemistry, Cell Density, Osmolality in One

A bioprocess analyzer from Nova Biomedical provides measurement of key chemistries, cell density/viability, and osmolality for in cell culture and fermentation media in a single instrument.  BioProfile FLEX utilizes the most sophisticated measurement technology to provide a total picture of cell growth from a single, small sample.  Consolidating these key tests into a one instrument aims to save time and labor, eliminate errors, and improve compliance in every phase of the bioprocess.

BioProfile FLEX is offered in a series of modules to meet specific user needs.  Eight different configurations are available building on the base chemistry module and adding any combination of cell density/viability, osmolality, and phosphate modules as required.

  • The chemistry module provides 11 key nutrients, metabolites, and gases in cell culture and fermentation media.
  • The cell density/viability module utilizes high precision optics to provide fast, accurate results for a variety of media types and over a broad range of cell densities and morphologies.
  • The integrated freezing point osmometer module, manufactured by Advanced Instruments, has proven to be accurate and reliable in thousands of installations in the biotechnology industry.  Measured osmolality is preferred over the calculated method for assured precision and accuracy.
  • A colorimetric module measures phosphate.

BioProfile FLEX offers individual sampling via syringe or multiple sampling from a choice of tray configurations.  In addition, an optional On-Line Autosampler provides direct, automated sampling from up to ten bioreactors.

BioProfile FLEX features a Microsoft Windows XP-based interface that can be operated from an external PC with keyboard and mouse, or touch screen computer. Data may be automatically exported into most common formats including Microsoft Excel. The User Interface is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records. 

BioProfile FLEX is compatible with Nova’s OPC Server that allows the analyzer to transfer analytical data to any OPC compliant software, such as bioreactor controllers, overall existing IT infrastructure, LIMS, Plant Manager, or data historians.  BioProfile FLEX is compatible with the FDA’s PAT initiative to communicate, capture, and control bioprocess data for cell culture processes.