Jan. 2, 2008
Pressure Sensor Puts Control Into the User's Hands

Turck introduces a new programmable-output, high-accuracy pressure sensor that allows the user to select the output as either two switch points or a 4-20 mA analog output with one switch point. The switch points are PNP/NPN programmable, and provide flexibility for applications where the output requirements are unclear.

In addition to the programmable output, these sensors also allow the user to select units of pounds per square inch, bar, inches of water, feet of water, millibar, inches of Mercury, meters of water, and kilograms per square centimeter. The user can choose the display most relevant to the application.

The sensor’s stainless steel construction provides an IP 67 protection rating, and rotating and non-rotating housings are available. A UV-resistant cover for use in outdoor applications is also available with the sensor.