Feb. 4, 2008
Control Unit Boasts Secure Data Recording and Easy Integration
The T2550 PAC from Eurotherm is a high-performance, control unit that maximizes ROI by offering automatic dual redundancy options for process efficiencies and to protect against controller or communications failures. This unit also provides secure data recording with dual redundancy at point of measurement. The redundant logging feature records data to the internal flash memory of the T2550 processor. The data can then be pushed, as secure tamper resistant historical data files, to a remote file server-using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - up to three servers are supported for additional security of data. Alternatively data can be pulled from the product using Eurotherm Review software. Eurotherm Review is then used to quickly  create a graphical representation of the process data. Data can be recorded at one-second intervals and pushed to a server as and when required, depending on the archiving strategy adopted.The T2550 also supports online configuration changes to a running database allowing additional parameters to be added to the Data Management strategy as and when required.At the heart of the system is the LINtools configuration and engineering station incorporating graphical configuration of block structured continuous control, sequence control SFC’s, ladder and graphics. Online reconfiguration modes allow dynamic monitoring and editing of running databases and flow charts.The instrument can automatically create its own database, including all necessary module and I/O function blocks, based on I/O detected in the base unit. When the detection is complete, an operational database is created and runs automatically.A set point programmer is also being integrated into the T2550 so that customers can vary set points in a pre-determined way for a specific period. Temperature is a very common application where it is required to ‘ramp’ and ‘dwell’ the process value from one level to another over a set period of time.The T2550 can be operated using analog, logic and sequence control and utilized as a standalone solution or a powerful addition to a larger system. It communicates over 10/100baseT Ethernet (ELIN) and is suitable for interlocking, signal conditioning, alarm monitoring, remote data acquisition or devolved control. Eurotherm’s proprietary LIN protocol was originally developed 20 years ago for use on COAX cable networks but has now migrated to Ethernet, which means that the T2550 also supports other protocols, including Modbus and Profibus. Key application areas for the T2550 include: batch reactors, fermenters, building management systems, freeze dryers and boilers.