Symyx Technologies, Inc.

Feb. 15, 2008
Screening Pressure Reactor Increases Research Speed

Symyx Technologies, Inc. recently announced broad availability of the Symyx Screening Pressure Reactor (SPR), a high-throughput research system that enables up to a 100-fold increase in the speed of screening and optimizing catalysts and catalytic processes. The Symyx SPR is available for refining, petrochemical and fine chemical applications.
The Symyx Screening Pressure Reactor enables up to a 100x increase in experimental throughput over conventional techniques, enabling scientists to test more catalysts under more conditions and to quickly make better informed decisions in the course of targeted catalyst and process optimization programs. In addition, the Symyx SPR offers:

- Experimental throughput enabling a single scientist to perform up to 15,000 experiments per year, providing the ability to screen the broadest possible parameter space in the search for breakout catalysts when used as part of an integrated workflow

- Design (only one pressure seal per 96 reactors) enabling system reliability and up-time, as demonstrated by a significant installed base of more than 20 systems already in use at leading catalyst R&D companies around the world

- Process conditions including high-temperature operation to 400°C for refining and petrochemicals applications and high-pressure operation to 1,500 psig for fine chemicals applications
Symyx’s approach to integrated research and development through a combination of automated laboratory workflows (Symyx Tools), integrated project execution/decision support applications (Symyx Software) and directed research (Symyx Research) helps research organizations to achieve breakthrough R&D performance.