March 11, 2008
Transmitting Data Logger Boasts Real-Time Data

Ellab Inc. recently released the TrackSense Pro Sky Transmitting Data Logger. The loggers can view real-time data in validation studies for lyophilizers, autoclaves, retorts, stability chambers and freezers.

Ellab Inc. is bringing together the advantages of real-time process information and the benefits of reduced setup time with wireless data loggers. The Sky Module allows users to view data, statistics and lethality calculations with ValSuite software from the computer as the process is running.

Depending on the logger, the Sky Module has a temperature range of -80° to 140° C and a transmission range of 50 ft. Some of the advantages of using real-time data loggers versus thermocouples are reduced setup time, accuracy, stability and the elimination of slip rings and vessel integrity issues with wiring thermocouples.