Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

April 29, 2008
Miniature Ultrasonic Level Switch Offers an Afforable Solution

The Series MULS Miniature Ultrasonic Level Switch measures liquid at a single point and provides multiple output choices for high or low level alarm, overflow prevention, and pump protection. The Series MULS uses ultrasonic wave propagation between the transducer gap to sense the presence or absence of a liquid. Units can be mounted within 15˚ of horizontal with no additional calibration required.

The switches include a 0.5 second time delay and have repeatability of less than .08 in. (2 mm). The MULS is offered in two different process connection sizes: ¼˝ and ½˝ male NPT.

Each model can be wired for three available output configurations: SPST normally open dry contact relay, NPN sinking transistor, or PNP sourcing transistor.