Millipore Corp.

June 17, 2008
Mobius Stainless Steel Bins Provide Support for Handling Disposable Process Containers

Millipore Corporation today announced the availability of Mobius stainless steel bins. Mobius stainless steel bins provide support for handling disposable process containers filled with media, buffer, additional intermediates as well as final products.

Designed with a registration system that prevents process container misalignment errors, Mobius stainless steel bins offer a unique solution for using and storing disposable process containers in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.  With an assortment of standard configurations ranging from 200L to 1500L, these bins include easy-to-use features and flexibility to accommodate both Mobius and other process containers. Accessories consist of a multi-purpose tray, registration plate, casters, mobility cart, as well as an optional internal 316SS grade finish on the process container contact surface.

Mobius stainless steel bins are part of the Mobius integrated, disposable bioprocess solution.