June 17, 2008
Analytical Instruments Cover Wide Range of Functions

Analytical Instruments
METTLER TOLEDO instruments, such as titrators, pH-meters and laboratory electrodes as well as thermal analysis instruments, are used for information on concentration, composition or properties of liquids or substances.

The Titration Excellence line offers many advantages such as One Click Titration, Plug & Play and a method database. The T50 is an entry-level model for the specialty chemical lab and the T70 and offers expanded capabilities such as multiple methods and
conductivity measurements. All Titration Excellence models feature a touch-screen display, flexible user management, automatic burette recognition, comprehensive
communication connections and preconfigured system application packages.

In addition to the Titration Excellence line, METTLER TOLEDO also offers Karl Fischer titrators for use in the Specialty Chemical industry. The DL38 volumetric titrator has been designed for a wide range of water content applications which perform determinations from a 100 ppm to 100% water, quickly and precisely. The METTLER TOLEDO DL39 coulometric titrator is suitable for water content in the range of 1 ppm to 5% and is ready-equipped for upgrade to a fully automated system. Both units are equipped with the HELLO tutorial function, easy operation with softkeys and icon keys and are fully compliant.

Thermal Analysis
METTLER TOLEDO Thermal Analysis Excellence instruments allow users to characterize
sample materials over a very wide temperature range and control all the instruments from a single software platform.  The DSC1 also features modular design and utilizes an innovative patented DSC sensor with 120 thermocouples which guarantees sensitivity.

Excellence Level analytical balances and precision offer weighing performance,  ergonomics and advanced solutions for data management.  All METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Plus XP analytical balances feature SmartGrid, the grid-style weighing pan for simple cleaning.  Built in QM tools support regulatory compliance. Both analytical and precision balances feature the SmartSens touch-screen display.

pH Meters
The METTLER TOLEDO pH Seven series, based on precision measuring technology, offers solutions for specialty chemical requirements, regardless of the application.  The range is complemented by high quality sensors and a wide range of accessories.  The Seven Multi series offers modular single- and dual-channel meters with enough storage capacity for 1000 measurements, including interfaces for automation with sample changer and barcode reader - suitable for demanding applications in laboratories subject to regulatory control or when dealing with a large number of samples.