June 24, 2008
New Temperature Monitoring System Consists of Three Components

Testo is releasing their new Saveris system for monitoring temperature and humidity in industrial control , food service and processing applications via either wireless or Ethernet connection.

Saveris, consists of three main components:  wireless and/or ethernet probes, a base, and system software.  Saveris wireless probes measure and record both temperature and humidity and transmit the recorded data back to the central Saveris base at regular intervals.  The base records only the data from the probes and will sound an alarm if, for any reason, the link is ever interrupted.   In that event, the data in both the probe and the base are completely secure until operation is resumed.  Probes are available with internal and external temperature and humidity sensors and easily adapt to any application.  Current measurement data, battery status, and signal strength are shown on the an optional displays.

In the field, the wireless probe to base transmission path is approx. 328 ft. (100 m) at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.  A router can be used to improve transmission and optimize signal strength if it is being compromised by structural walls, equipment or metal doors.

Ethernet capable probes are also available for longer distance data transfer from the probe to the base using an existing LAN infrastructure.  Since Ethernet probes run on AC power and not batteries they can be used continuously. Even in the event of a power outage or the loss of your LAN connection, the data is safe and intact in the probes’ on-board memory.
At the heart of the Saveris system is the base which can save up to 40,000 readings without a PC connection.  Each Saveris base can accommodate a maximum of 254 channels or up to 150 single channel probes in many combinations.  Like a command center it displays and issues alarms when limit values are exceeded via SMS or E-mail alert.

Saveris software is available in two versions. The basic version SBE (Small Business Edition) provides essential data collection and alarm functions. The PROF (Professional) software version provides SBE features plus additional functions including network integration, multiple data display screens, on-line monitoring, integration of data displays into photo references, and integration into a client-server network.

A Saveris system can be configured to suit an application based on specifications or it can be purchased pre-configured and supplemented with individual components at any time.  The Set 1 starter set consists of a base, 3 NTC wireless temperature probes with without display, a power supply for the base and the SBE software package including a USB cable.  Set 2 consists of a base, five NTC wireless temperature probes with display, a router, 2 power supplies and SBE software with USB cable.  Set 3 kit consists of a base including GSM module for SMS alarm, antenna with magnetic base, five wireless probes with display, router, two power supplies and SBE software with USB cable.