July 1, 2008
Humidity, Temperature and Dewpoint Transmitters Now Available With Ethernet Connectivity

Vaisala HUMICAP Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330, MMT330, and PTU300 and the Vaisala DRYCAP Dewpoint Transmitter Series DMT340 are now available with Ethernet connectivity through wireless or wired networks.

With the new Ethernet communication options you can connect the transmitter into a computer network providing a virtual terminal connection between the transmitter and a PC affording access to the instrument measurements via LAN and the world-wide web. Each transmitter is given an IP address, making it a uniquely addressed device in the network. The LAN and WLAN options make it easy to add a new humidity transmitter to an existing Ethernet network. Applications that do not allow holes through walls and ceilings, or the installation of new cables, benefit from the wireless solution.