June 24, 2009
New Software for the DXAdvanced R3 Data Acquisition & Display Station

Yokogawa recently announced the release of DAQManager Data Management Software for their DAQSTATION product line.  DAQManager allows users to easily manage and view their data via a PC. 

Data can be quickly and easily searched for under multiple topics, such as date/time, tag name and batch name.  Also, channels recorded on different instruments and intervals can be combined in DAQManager and displayed on the same trend graph.  DAQManager is a powerful data management system that supports all DAQSTATION models. 

The release of DAQManager adds to the strength of the already powerful DXAdvanced R3, released in October 2008.  The DXAdvanced R3 added a multitude of new features including custom graphics, alarm annunciator displays and multi-batch recording.  The addition of EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS DP protocols allows the DXAdvanced R3 to add highly capable recording and display functions to common control systems.