Process Analysis & Automation

Oct. 14, 2009
Process Monitoring and Control with Acoustic Emission

GranuMet XP is the only acoustic emission system specially designed for pharmaceutical production.

It uses ultrasonic acoustic emission and advanced pattern recognition to predict the physical properties of powders and particulates including:

  • High-shear granulation end point detection
  • Fluid bed drying (endpoint and water content)
  • Fluid bed granulation (granulation end point)
  • Control of coaters

GranuMet XP version 4 - incorporates up to 16 channels of data acquisition, 3D plotting of acoustic emission data and enhanced tools to select the most appropriate data acquisition and processing parameters for your process.

The major application of acoustic emission in the pharmaceutical industry is high-shear granulation.

The granulation end point is the point where the granules have reached their desired state and the process needs to be halted.  Under-granulation results in friable granules with poor flow properties and a tendency to segregate.  Over-granulation results in dense granules with poor compression properties.

Determination of the end point is essential since it may not be possible to re-work the material. GranuMet XP allows the end point to be approached rapidly and accurately.