Interphex Preview, Part Deux

March 17, 2005
April's Interphex has a facilities track and a whole lot more.
The Interphex 2005 Conference and Exhibition is less than a month away (April 26-28 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City). Rudy Giuliani will deliver a keynote address, as will FDA’s John Taylor (speaking on risk-based inspections). There are many other must-attends at the show, and we give you some of them below. Also, read on to find out what some of your favorite vendors will be showing off. This year’s show, from training and workshops to hundreds of speakers and exhibitors, will once again feature four tracks—tweaked slightly this year. Manufacturing, IT and Sourcing & Services are joined by a track devoted wholly to facilities. The PharmaFacilities track includes 29 solutions-oriented sessions led by experts from some of the leading firms in facilities support and maintenance.A few of the week’s facilities highlights include:
  • “Designing for the New Age of Continuous Processing in Solid Dosage Pharmaceutical Facilities,” a Tuesday morning general session led by O’Neal, Inc.’s Tim Crosby.

  • “Increasing Plant Efficiency through CIP Engineering,” a Thursday session headed by Simon E.J. Forder of J.M. Hyde Consulting, Inc.

Many other sessions throughout the tracks have the feeling of can’t-miss events. On Tuesday morning, PharmaSource Information Services’ founder and president James C. Miller delivers a “State of the Industry Address.”

Not up on Process Analytical Technlogies? Head for “PAT: What Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Professionals Need to Know,” a Tuesday morning discussion led by Daniel R. Matlis, VP and GM of Stelex Corp.

And if you’re interested in the state of RFID, be sure to attend “Emerging Technologies: RFID in the Pharmaceutical Industry.” Among the supply chain experts to speak: Purdue Pharma’s Charles Nardi, Novartis’s Diane Arico, and Accenture’s James T. Hintlian.

Visit for a full schedule of sessions and workshops.

Best of the booths

Here are some of the firms you’ll find on the show floor, and some of the products they’ll be showcasing:

Process Equipment and Systems
Booth 1863—A&B Process Systems provides process engineering and automation services as well as custom stainless steel fabrication and field installation services. From electrical engineering to high-purity fabrication, from project management to installation services, A&B has the expertise to be your process partner from concept to completion.

Ultrapure Laminar Flow
Booth 318—AES Clean Technology, Inc. will show its new PharmaFlow, a laminar flow module that provides EU Grade A, ISO 5, or Fed. Std. 209 Class 100 critical environment conditions for pharmaceutical or biotech processes. PharmaFlow includes a programmable variable frequency drive that ties in to a remote monitoring system, a direct drive fan system, and a deeper filter media for quiet, energy-efficient operation.

Environmental Control and Security
Booth 2438—Andover Controls designs and manufactures powerful, innovative environmental control and security systems for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We help building owners and operators provide a secure, comfortable and efficient environment in both their regulated and non-regulated facility areas, using the Continuum integrated facility automation solution.

Full Line of Industrial Detergents
Booth 1771—Aqueous cleaners for GMP pharmaceutical cleaning are supplied by Alconox, Inc. The company offers a full line of alkaline and acid, high and low foaming detergents for a broad range of industries, including pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology. Technical assistance in choosing and validating a cleaner is also available.

Automated Solutions for Production and Packaging
Booth 2037—Automation Tooling Systems (ATS) provides integrated, customized solutions for applications in flexible packaging, production, and inspection. Expertise includes robotics, aseptic processing, vision, laser integration, liquid dispense and validation support. The company’s experience spans drug delivery, vaccines, drug dispense, and clinical trial materials.

Ultrasonic, Laser and Vision Sensors
Booth 2351—Banner Engineering Corp. manufactures photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, laser sensors, measuring light curtains, vision sensors and a variety of machine safety products. The PresencePLUS P4 Vision Sensors, EZ-SCREEN Safety System, and a variety of sensors including the new WORLD-BEAM QS30, QS18 and QS12 packages will be on display.

Paperless Calibration Management
Booth 975—Beamex, Inc. offers the QCAL System as a complete solution for instrument calibration and associated data maintenance. QCAL consists of field-portable (MC5) and workshop (MCS100) calibrators and Windows, SQL, Oracle compatible software (CMX). The QCAL System forms the basis for a totally paperless calibration management program.

Complete Packaging Solutions
Booth 519—Bosch Packaging Technology provides solutions for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary and biotechnology packaging. This includes barrier isolation technology, filler, washers, depyrogenation tunnels, cappers, and inspection equipment for liquid products as well as capsule fillers, thermoformers, checkweighers and cartoners.

Sanitary Regulators and Control Valves
Booth 2247—Cashco, Inc. provides a full line of sanitary regulators and control valves. The products offer general ease of maintenance and tighter controls to help maintain industry needs. The company, a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer of sanitary process equipment, will feature the newly redesigned Model C-CS, which offers longer diaphragm life and increased capacity.

Mixer for Low-Shear, High-Purity Applications
Booth 1119—The new Clean Sweep Mixer from Chemineer, Inc. revolutionizes mixing technology by utilizing a swinging motion instead of the customary rotating motion. It provides a hermetically sealed environment – no rotating shaft seal – and is ideal for low-shear, high-purity mixing applications.

Components for High Purity Fluid Handling
Booth 1573—Crane Co.’s Process Flow Technologies (CPFT) specializes in providing solutions to the diversified process industry through the development, production and distribution of valves, actuators, pumps and related flow components. Resistoflex is recognized as a leading supplier of plastic lined pipe, fittings, hoses, and other components for corrosive and high purity fluid handling.

Equipment design, fabrication and servicing
Booth 1780—DCI, Inc. offers design, fabrication and servicing of stainless steel/other alloy storage and processing equipment. DCI provides tanks/vessels, agitation systems, field service/maintenance, Site-Fab, parts and components.

Instruments for Precision Control
Booth 2853—Dwyer Instruments, Inc. offers its latest in pressure, flow and temperature control. New products include the Digihelic Differential Pressure Controller, process pressure gages, Teflon and rotatable scale flowmeters, air velocity transmitters, thermocouple temperature switches, needle and ball valves, and much more.

Totally Integrated Automation Platform
Booth 2043—Emerson Process Management’s DeltaV System, building on the PlantWeb digital plant architecture, provides an easy-to-use, regulatory compliant, totally integrated automation platform that is changing the economics of plants around the globe. The firm will demonstrate how to improve plant operations with the DeltaV platform.

Piping Systems for Hazardous Processes
Booth 1388—Fab-Tech, Inc. will display the PSP Process Venting Piping System. Stainless steel pipe with interior Teflon coating provides extreme corrosion protection for venting of hazardous processes. Also featured will be long-life, engineered systems including flow control devices, and Gore-Tex gasketed, bolted and proprietary PSP-EZ clamps, from 2 to 120 inches in diameter.

New Presses and Die Tables
Booth 1221—Fette America, Inc. will be exhibiting its new line of "i" series presses, including the 3090i, 2090i, 1200i and 1090i WiP machines. The 2090i will be equipped with a semi-automated die table removal system. Fette will also feature new segmented die tables, NIR and LIF testing systems and Fette Absolut — the newest addition in complete dust collection.

High-Performance Rupture Discs
The S3 and SR-H are two of Fike's high-performance rupture discs, suitable for liquid and vapor applications. They are easy to clean and install, meet 3A Standard, and available with FDA-approved gasket materials: Silicone, Vitron, EPDM or Teflon.

Displacement and Centrifugal Pumps
Booth 843—Fristam Pumps will feature their FKL series positive displacement pump, now available with stainless steel rotors. The FKL offers tight tolerances, high efficiencies, gentle handling of shear sensitive products, and easy maintenance. Also displayed: centrifugal pumps, a rotary lobe pump, and a shear blender.

Pharma and Biotech Water Solutions
Booth 537—GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies will feature water solutions for utility water treatment, water systems operations monitoring and services as well as reverse osmosis equipment (including hot water RO) and electrodeionization (EDI) equipment and components. GE Fanuc Automation Americas, Inc. will feature the new Proficy Plant Applications Version 4.1.

Tanks, Vessels and Custom Stainless Steel Products
Booth 2741—See the latest offerings from Hans Pederson Group, which manufactures custom stainless steel tanks, vessels, bioreactors, process skids, CIP systems and other custom stainless steel manufacturing equipment. All equipment meets ASME, BPE and FDA requirements.

PLC Style Weigh Scale Module
Booth RP-4—Hardy Instruments will showcase its dual scale CompactLogix Weigh Scale module. The HI 1769-2WS is a dual scale PLC-style weigh scale module optimized for use with Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 and CompactLogix controllers. It reads and conditions weight and diagnostic data supplied by strain gauge load sensors or load cells of two independent scales.

Filtration Products with Chemical and Temperature Stability
Booth 375—For 30 years, Koch Membrane Systems has developed applications for Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis processes. Koch filtration products are available in different configurations (tubular, hollow fiber, spiral wound) and offer superior chemical and temperature stability, particularly when exposed to organic solvents and low/high pH media.

Feeders and Vacuum Receivers
Booth 2055—K-Tron America will preview the MT12 MicroFeeder, designed to meet low rate pharmaceutical/chemical feeding applications. Also on display, the easy-to-clean and disassemble KT20 pharmaceutical feeder designed to GMP standards, and the 316 SS P-Series Hurricane vacuum receivers.

Level and Flow Instrumentation
Booth 2117—Magnetrol International offers multiple technologies in level and flow instrumentation. Magnetrol assists in selecting the right instrument, such as Eclipser guided wave radar transmitters, as well as ultrasonic, thermal dispersion, or the new PulsarT pulse burst radar transmitter. Magnetrol’s product line ensures safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective plant operation.

Multi-functional Fluid Bed Processor
Booth to be assigned—Mendel Co. will show its MFB-1R fluid bed processor for research, development or small-scale production. The unit combines three technologies for granulating/drying pharmaceutical powders—top, bottom and tangential spray. The processor comes with a touch-screen HMI.

Continuous Motion Capsule Filler
Booth 637—MG America will feature its newest continuous motion capsule filler, the Planeta. With an output of up to 100,000 capsules per hour, the Planeta has a modular design that allows for different dosing units to be fitted at the same time, permitting filling of powders, pellets (up to four different types in the same capsule), microtablets, tablets, liquids, or herbal products in either single or multiple doses.

Aseptic Processing Expertise
Booth 1373—From drug development to production, Millipore Corp. delivers solutions and services for primary recovery, purification, viral clearance, aseptic processing, sterile filling, QA/QC, and water purification. The company also offers expertise in processing biologics and classical pharmaceuticals, including recombinants, MAbs, vaccines, plasma, gene medicines, and synthetic drugs.

Hollow Fiber Filter Products
Booth C514—Minntech Corp.'s Fibercor Division manufactures Hollow Fiber Filter products that are integrity testable and are pore size certified by a latex bead challenge. Pore size control and membrane asymmetry enable Fiberflo Hollow Fiber Filters to essentially reject all 0.45, 0.2, 0.1 or 0.05 micron beads, whereas pleated membranes pass significant quantities of these beads, enabling the filters to remove fine particles, bacteria, pyrogens and endotoxins.

Sanitary Fittings, Tubing and Manifolds
Booth 946—MKS Instruments manufactures a broad range of products and solutions for pharmaceutical process manufacturing, including: sanitary fittings, tubing and manifolds manufactured to ASME BPE standards with compliant 316L stainless steel; custom sanitary solutions developed to customer specifications; pressure transducers and controllers; mass flow controllers; portable helium leak detectors; portable pressure calibrators; gas analyzers; and industrial networking products that enable remote monitoring, control and data sharing with Internet applications.

Fiberglass Trays for Handling and Processing
Booth 1581—Molded Fiberglass Tray Company manufactures trays for soft gel drying, a large variety of trays and containers used in the handling and processing of pharmaceutical products, and vial trays for handling small and medium vial sizes—available in four sizes that stack. The trays feature easy grips and a smooth surface for easy loading and unloading.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and HEPA/ULPA Filters
Booth 1038—Nilfisk-Advance America, Inc. offers industrial vacuum cleaners: intermittent duty, continuous duty, central systems, wet/dry, explosion-proof, air-operated, stainless steel, separators and hoppers. The company also has oversized, multi-stage filtration systems with HEPA/ULPA filters, as well as the new Safe-Pak System for handling and disposing potent compounds.

Separations Technologies and Purification Services
Booth 3201—Orelis, a Groupe NovaSep company, offers clean cross-flow membrane separation technology, know-how and service covering every step from the start of development to the industrialization of the process. Separation systems include microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. Organic and inorganic membranes are available with various supports including ceramics, spiral wound and plate and frame.

Sanitary Mixers and Seals
Booth 2279—Roplan AB is showing its Sterimixer, the magnetic coupled stirrer for pharmaceutical processes, and its Sterivalve, the aseptic valve choice for pharmaceutical processes.

Tight-Sealing High-Performance Doors
Booth 2021—With input from pharmaceutical engineers in the U.S. and Europe, Rytec Corp. introduces its new line of Pharma-Doors. These next-generation doors are designed to meet GMP guidelines and to be the tightest sealing, most reliable high-performance pharmaceutical doors available today.

Ultra Low-Pressure Documenting Calibrator
Booth 2640—Setra Systems is introducing the new Micro-Cal Model 869, an ultra low-pressure documenting calibrator. The new calibrator has been specifically designed for air handling processes in critical environments that require portable, high accuracy and low-pressure documenting calibration to certify pressure needs.

Facility Planning and Design
Booth 3149—Stanley Consultants, a multidisciplinary engineering firm, delivers advanced solutions to pharmaceutical and life science manufacturers. Project experience includes the planning and design of facilities, clean rooms, HVAC systems, central utility plants, and distribution systems for advanced manufacturing and healthcare institutions.

High-Tech Instruments for Life Sciences
Booth 451—Thermo Electron offers instruments, scientific equipment and integrated software solutions. Products on display include NESLAB and Haake circulating baths and chillers; the Nicolet Antaris FT-NIR Multiplexer system; informatics solutions; a Ramsey checkweigher with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance; an Allen Coding thermal transfer coder; and an InScan foreign object detection system.

Process Automation Sensing Solutions
Booth 2239—Turck Process Automation offers a full line of inductive, capacitive, and solid state sensing solutions, as well as intrinsically safe remote I/O and amplifiers for classified areas. InterlinkBT network solutions support Foundation Fieldbus, ASI, Profibus, Devicenet and Hart networks.

Printers, Coders, RFID Solutions
Booth 1731—Videojet Technologies, Inc. will be showing its Videojet small character ink jet printers, the Videojet FocusT series laser coding systems, the Marsh brand large-character ink jet systems, the Videojet DataFlexT thermal transfer over printer, Videojet labeling and print and apply systems, and the Videojet FAST Tag RFID label applicator.

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