Interphex 2006 Preview: The Best of the “Phex”

Feb. 15, 2006
This year's event builds upon the success of the 2005 show, with increases in both exhibitors and educational sessions.

For the pharmaceutical manufacturing crowd, the annual Interphex show in New York City is as much a sign of spring as the coming of robins, tulips and baseball. Interphex 2006 — March 21-23 at the Javits Convention Center — promises once again to be bigger and better than last year, with more exhibitors, more targeted speaker sessions, and three stimulating keynotes to give shape and definition to the event.

Keynote addresses for 2006 include:

  • Tuesday, 8:45 a.m.:
      Greg Simon, president of the non-profit FasterCures, makes his case for speeding up the development and delivery of medications for patients with life-threatening diseases, and outlines the tools needed to do it.
  • Wednesday at 8:45 a.m.:
      Robert Bazell, chief science and health correspondent for NBC Nightly News, will host a panel discussion on the speed, safety and efficiency challenges facing drug manufacturers today. Joining Bazell will be executives Peter Loescher of GE Healthcare BioSciences, Richard Siegel of Centocor Biologics and Patrick Yang of Genentech.
  • Thursday, 8:45 a.m.:
    The regulatory perspective this year is handled by Scott Gottleib, M.D., FDA’s deputy commissioner for medical and scientific affairs. The topic: agency initiatives for improving drug development and the public health.

Four on the floors

Visitors to the Javits session rooms and exhibition halls will again have four tracks down which to tread. Here’s a quick look at what the speaker sessions have to offer for each track:

PharmaFacilities: The Need for Speed. The facilities track has sessions on Lean, and on Green — check out O’Neal, Inc.’s Tim Crosby’s “Designing Green” talk on Tuesday afternoon — but one dominant theme is how to design and build in record time. Two noteworthy presentations:

  • Wednesday morning, Ole Broch Nielson of NNE A/S instructs how to build a vaccine facility from the ground up in “11 fast-tracked months.”
  • Thursday morning, Cook Pharmica’s Jerry Arthur recounts how Cook’s new biotech site was built and validated in a mere 26 months.

PharmaIT: The Paper Chase. The PharmaIT sessions not only look good on paper, but on “paperless” as well. Don’t miss:

  • VelQuest’s John Helfrich on the “GMP Electronic Notebook System — PAT Technology for QC Lab Operations,” on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Thursday, Taratec’s Ray Lockard tours the “Paperless Shop Floor.”

IT will also be heavy on radio frequency identification (RFID), of course. One of the better figures to be “RFID Bionics — RFID-Enabled Products and Services for Pharmaceuticals,” led by RFID Technical Institute’s Ann Grackin and ChainLink Research’s Carla Reed.

PharmaManufacturing: Beyond PAT. Process Analytical Technology disccusions will fill the session rooms, but the manufacturing track has much more to offer. Several talks devoted to regulatory issues should be well worth the price of admission:

  • Aegis Analytical’s Justin Neway assesses the impact of FDA’s risk-based model on pharma and biotech manufacturers, Wednesday afternoon.
  • Later that day, Simon Forder of JM Hyde Consulting will comment on “Cleaning Compliance Points to Consider.”
  • Thursday, get an overview of “Regulatory Asset Management,” with James Erickson of Blue Mountain Quality Resources.

PharmaSourcing: All About Relationships. Effective partnering is more important than ever. This track offers plenty of help in how to source right. One that sounds like a can’t-miss: “Global Innovation and New Products: ‘Virtual’ Teams, ‘Real’ Money,” by Prof. Sushil Bhatia of Suffolk University.

Put on your walking shoes

When you’ve had enough of PowerPoints and laser pointers, head to the exhibition halls for what’s new in equipment and technology. Assorted pavilions will help you channel your energies. They include:

  • Automation
  • Packaging
  • RFID
  • R&D
  • Contamination Control
  • International
  • Rockwell Automation Partners

When you drop by the booths, you’ll find plenty of tote bags, slinkies and other show freebies. More importantly, there will be the latest offerings from the industry’s top vendors.

Following is a preview of some of the best stops on the show floor:


Sterile Hose Labeling System
Eliminate unsanitary tags! The AdvantaLABEL identification system uses pure silicone to encase labels and optional color stripes for coding purposes. Labels carry customer-supplied text and use different color-stripe combinations to identify departments, materials within the hose, temperatures and other data. Also on display, disposable sterile batch filling assemblies, which eliminate leaks and entrapment problems found with the use of barb-type fittings.AdvantaPure, Booth 1637

Fluid Handling Components
ResistoPure is a brand of products offered by Resistoflex for the biotech, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and cosmetics industries. The ResistoPure brand differs from traditional Resistoflex fluid handling components in that products and processes are designed to meet the critical needs of the sanitary and aseptic markets.
Crane Co., Booth A1739

Chemical-Resistant Process Vent Pipe
PermaShield Pipe (PSP) is a Factory Mutual Systems-approved corrosion-resistant vent pipe system for use without sprinklers. PSP's proprietary, highly chemical-resistant, fluoropolymer ETFE coating on stainless steel ducts or pipes can be cut to length in the field and can be cut into for new branch lines or measuring ports.
Fab-Tech, Inc., Booth A469

Protein Purification Hardware
GE Healthcare is displaying two of its newest manufacturing-scale hardware for the protein purification industry: ÄKTAprocess system for chromatographic purification and UniFlux system for membrane separation. Both systems are controlled by UNICORN software, which facilitates communication between the two as well as scale-up from smaller systems.
GE Healthcare, Booth 1809

Air Treatment Solutions
A world leader of integrated air treatment control solutions with manufacturing, engineering, sales, rental and service offices around the globe. Munters is uniquely positioned to deliver turnkey solutions to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries in the areas of humidity control, VOC abatement, mist elimination and water treatment.
Munters Corp., Booth 731

Organic and Inorganic Membranes
Novasep Process manufactures membranes and systems for extraction, concentration and purification — ceramic and inorganic tubular membranes, and spiral-wound and flat polymeric membranes. Novasep also provides process development and scale–up, from laboratory to full commercial plants. Technologies include chromatography, ion exchange, membranes and crystallization.
Novasep, Booth 678

Infrastructure and Environmental Consulting
Stanley Consultants, a multidiscipline engineering/architecture firm, assists pharmaceutical facilities with their energy, infrastructure and environmental needs. More than 23,000 projects have been successfully executed in all 50 states and 98 countries, including the planning and design of facilities, cleanrooms, HVAC systems, central utility plants, and distribution systems for advanced manufacturing industries and healthcare institutions.
Stanley Consultants, Booth 945

Modular Stem Extension for Insulated Steam Systems
Therma-Safe is a valve-stem extension for steam systems with insulated tubing. It is fully cast to eliminate side loading when manually operated, and may be used with a locking device if required by OSHA. The extension also allows the valve to be fitted with pneumatic or electric actuators for use in automated systems.
SVF Flow Controls, Inc., Booth A2730

Performance Plastics
Saint-Gobain manufactures silicone extruded and molded products, fluoropolymer hoses, thermoplastic vessels and piping, and specialty engineered polymers. With brands such as Sani-Tech, Tygon, Pure-Fit, Pharmed, Flexible Components, Chemware and Versilic, its goal is to provide customers with global solutions to their critical applications.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Booth 655


Value-Added Process Equipment
Allegheny Bradford Corporation has taken the next step in “Value-Added Engineering” for process applications. The premier source of sanitary process equipment now provides a multitude of options for pre-packaged heat exchanger, filter housings, tanks and vessels and sanitary pumps. These “enhanced” products arrive at their location fully, or partially, skid mounted and pre-valved to meet the process application.
Allegheny Bradford, Booth 1221

Validation Packaging Service and Validation
Bosch Packaging Technology will present their service and validation strengths at Interphex. Also highlighted will be the Process Technology group and Sigack Systems. Bosch can improve your operations with new service and qualification packages designed to improve your bottom line.
Bosch Packaging Technology, Booth 419

Storage and Processing EquipmentDCI, Inc. is celebrating 50 years of service to its customers. DCI is an employee-owned company offering design, fabrication and servicing of stainless steel/high alloy storage and processing equipment. DCI’s expertise includes tanks and vessels, agitation systems, field service and maintenance, Site-Fab, and parts and components.DCI, Inc., Booth 1352

New Die Table Segments
Fette now offers Die Table Segments (see photo, right) that provide optimum tablet production with significantly shorter downtimes for refitting, resetting and cleaning. The Die Table Segments are designed to replace the entire standard die-table surface plate, and significantly outlast standard dies, including carbide-lined, and can decrease set-up time by as much as 88%.
Fette America, Booth 1237

Tablet Coater and Process Control
The GCSmart Tablet Coater incorporates a fully perforated drum, Fischer baffle system for improved mixing, proprietary anti-bearding spray nozzle, WIP cleaning and Glatt’s new SmartScoop discharge system. The new EcoView Controls, Glatt’s enhanced Process Control System, provides a user-friendly touch screen OIT, both manual and fully automated process control, recipes management and related batch reporting, 21 CFR part 11 compliant design and a GAMP based validation documentation package.
Glatt Air Techniques, Booth 1238

Micro-Ingredient Feeder
K-Tron will exhibit its latest micro-ingredient feeder. The MT12 accurately feeds free-flowing to difficult-to-handle powders at rates from 20 to 2,000 grams/hour. Both loss-in-weight and volumetric models are available for continuous or batch operation. In addition to the microfeeder, K-Tron will exhibit a Pharma feeder and a working K-Tron PCS vacuum receiver.
K-Tron, Booth A2036

Continuous-Motion Capsule Filler
The Planeta continuous-motion capsule filler has over-encapsulation capabilities and a modular design that allows for different dosing units to be fitted at the same time. It can fill powders (including low-dose applications), pellets (up to four different types in the same capsule), microtablets, tablets, liquids, or herbal products in either single or multiple doses and in all kinds of combinations.
MG America, Booth 1321

Complete Mixing Solutions
MixingSolutionsHere is an alliance of four independently-owned and operated companies — Bematek, JDMix, Roplan and Sharpe Mixers — dedicated to providing custom solutions for fluids mixing and blending applications. Seeing the big picture gives the alliance the most diverse process and mechanical engineering experience. We offer custom solutions. Customer-driven solutions spawn new technology.
MixingSolutionsHere, Booth 1678 (Roplan)

Molded Fiber Glass Trays
Trays on exhibit include those for softgel drying, a variety of trays and containers used in the handling and processing of pharmaceutical products, and vial trays for handling and storing small and medium vial sizes. They stack, provide easy grips and smooth surface for easy loading and unloading.
Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co., Booth 2005

High-Quality Printed Packaging Services
Nosco’s core printed product lines include folding cartons, literature, pressure-sensitive labels, combination packaging and Fix-a-Form multi-panel labels. Nosco can also help manage anti-counterfeiting, diversion and track & trace with single- or multiple-layered customized security features. Stop by the booth for a chance to win an iPod.
Nosco, Booth C273

Micronizer Jet Mill
Because its milling chamber has the same configuration as larger production mills, the new Qualification Micronizer jet mill enables pharmaceutical laboratories to develop powder formulations with desired fine particle sizes on small scale, before confidently proceeding to clinical trial and production quantities. The Micronizer can mill up to half a pound of material per hour, yet is capable of feed rates as low as a few grams per hour with maximum sample recovery.
Sturtevant, Inc., Booth A1753


Pressure and Temperature Instruments
Ashcroft sanitary pressure and temperature instruments include pressure gauges and fractional pressure gauges, thermometers, thermowells, switches, transducers and instrument isolators. These products can be easily converted to a new process and are all designed for quick installation. They can be sterilized, steamed, or cleaned in place, and require little attention once installed.
Ashcroft, Inc., Booth 2110

AC and DC Motors and Drives
Baldor, a manufacturer of industrial electric motors and drives, will feature its line of all-stainless-steel AC motors and gear boxes. It will also show paint-free AC and DC motors, AC and DC washdown duty motors and washdown duty controls.
Baldor Electric Co., Booth A2347

Regulators and Control ValvesCashco, a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer of process equipment, provides solutions for pharmaceutical applications through its full line of sanitary regulators and control valves. The products offer ease of maintenance and tighter controls. Featured will be the newly redesigned Model C-CS, which offers longer diaphragm life and increased capacity.Cashco, Inc., Booth A2247

Precision Instrumentation
Dwyer Instruments produces a broad range of precision instrumentation for measuring, transmitting, and controlling flow, level, pressure, temperature, air velocity, and humidity (such as the Series DL-A Logger Alarm Module, right). Dwyer also has a complete line of valves and valve automation accessories. Dwyer Instruments includes divisions Mercoid, W. E. Anderson, Proximity Controls, and Love Controls.
Dwyer Instruments, Inc., Booth 2425

Automation Applications and Process Management
Emerson’s life science solutions and technologies help manufacturers achieve competitive advantage and improved business results through innovative, integrated manufacturing automation applications and superior process management.
Emerson Process Management, Booth A1837

Explosion Protection and Pressure Relief
Fike has developed specific explosion protection and pressure relief products designed to respect the Clean-In-Place/Steam-In-Place requirements of the biotech, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. For pressure relief, Fike provides certified rupture discs to meet all applications for process industries. Look to Fike for high-performance products designed for sanitary applications.
Fike Corp., Booth 941

On-LineTOC Analyzer
The new Sievers 500 RL On-Line TOC Analyzer delivers science-based risk-management capability to the production floor for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and other quality initiatives such as real-time pharmaceutical water release and on-line cleaning validation. The reagentless analyzer incorporates features such as the Super iOS, which automates all system protocols including system suitability, verification, and calibration.
GE Analytical Instruments, Booth 1809

Level and Flow Instrumentation
Magnetrol offers a comprehensive line of level and flow instrumentation to help ensure safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective plant operation in the pharmaceutical industry. Magnetrol offers multiple technologies, including Eclipser guided wave radar transmitters and the new PulsarT pulse-burst radar transmitter, and assists in selecting the right instrument for each application.
Magnetrol, Inc., Booth A2536

Analytical Instruments for Water Applications
Thornton Inc. develops analytical instruments for pharmaceutical pure and ultrapure water applications to meet USP standards. Over 30 years ago, Thornton pioneered conductivity and resistivity instrumentation with computed high-purity temperature compensation for the semiconductor industry before similar instruments became available for pharmaceutical applications. Today, many pharmaceutical facilities rely on Thornton instruments to monitor and control their pre-treatment systems.
Mettler-Toledo Thornton, Inc., Booth P1855

Performance Management Software
Parsec Automation Corp. offers TrakSYS, a technologically-advanced, scalable, real-time manufacturing performance management software application suite. TrakSYS fuels Lean, Six Sigma, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), TPM and Operational Excellence efforts for manufacturers. It also provides scalable and flexible tools to quickly configure solutions to track, record, analyze and report the events critical to productivity enhancement initiatives that require rapid and measurable ROI.
Parsec Automation Corp., Booth P2177

Purpose-Built LIMS
Darwin LIMS meets the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D and QA/QC laboratories by providing application-specific functionality out of the box. Less customization means dramatically reduced implementation, training, validation and maintenance costs — for a lower total cost of ownership and high end-user acceptance.
Thermo Electron Corp., Booth 851

Alloy Analyzers
Thermo Electron’s hand-held NITON alloy analyzers feature advanced ASICS digital signal processing electronics and super PiN detector technology for laboratory-precision alloy composition analysis and positive-grade identification of alloy materials. The XLi analyzer is faster and more powerful than previous XRF analyzers.
Thermo Electron Corp., Booth 851

Pumps for Pharma and Biopharma
Wright Pump serves the biopharm market with a broad range of hygienic positive displacement rotary lobe pumps, ranging from strip-clean models to pumps EHEDG certified for steam sterilizability and bacteria-tightness. Viking also offers gear pumps for chemical processing applications.
Wright Pumps, Booth 2122

Control Systems and Field Instruments
Yokogawa provides advanced recording, control systems and field instruments that solve a wide range of batch and continuous process application requirements within the pharmaceutical industry. Products include paperless electronic recorders, batch control, recipe management, batch scheduling and information management systems.
Yokogawa, Booth A1949

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