Tata Consulting, Pavilion and Thermo Electron Link Up for PAT

March 24, 2006
Pavilion Technologies recently allied with Tata Consulting Services to implement PAT and advanced process control in the pharmaceutical industry. The alliance builds upon a similar, earlier partnership Pavilion and Thermo Electron.

Last month, Pavilion Technologies, a specialist in advanced process control (APC), formed an alliance with Tata Consulting Services (TCS) to implement process analytical technology and advanced process control in the pharmaceutical industry (as well as other industries). “We both believe there is tremendous customer value in integrating plant and business systems to provide a much more flexible and adaptive manufacturing system,” says Pavilion business development manager Greg Jackson.

The alliance builds upon an earlier partnership established for pharmaceutical PAT, between Pavilion and Thermo Electron. "Tata's team has expertise that we don't see in every engineering firm," Jackson says. "First, they have a team of engineers that understand manufacturing and APC, how it works and how to deploy solutions rapidly. Second, they understand the business drivers for their customers, concepts that make APC an attractive solution."

Pavilion will provide TCS and the industry with access to a portfolio of multivariate data analysis, online prediction, and advanced process control software. TCS will provide pharmaceutical clients engineering experience that spans several different industries. Within pharmaceuticals, Jackson says, Pavilion has been focusing on biologics upstream processes in the form of fermentation. “Downstream, we are working with clients on improving lyophilization processes and solid dosage on secondary processes such as granulation, drying and blending," he says.

Working with TCS and Thermo, or with a customer's existing vendor partners, Pavilion uses a “ValueFirst” model to reduce customer risk when implementing APC. ValueFirst breaks down any APC program into four stages: multivariate data analysis, online analysis, control and optimization, and real-time performance management, and spells out a payback period for each phase.

Pavilion Technologies' head of pharmaceutical business has joined the E-55 committee, chaired by Thermo's David Radspinner. “Our participation is a vital part of our strategy since standards are being set for everything from communications architecture to standard methodologies for multivariate analysis," Jackson says. The company is also involved with the ISPE Communicty of Practice for PAT, co-chaired by John Levins from Wyeth.