Pfizer's Warman and Pillai Lead AutomationXchange PAT Panel

Aug. 31, 2006
Pfizer's Jeff Miller, Martin Warman and Lou Pillai participated in a PAT Roundtable at AutomationXchange and hosted by Control magazine. Their mission, in large part, was to illuminate the differences between PAT and process analyzers.

In this mp3 audio file, Pfizer senior manager team leaders, Lou Pillai and Martin Warman, join the company’s director of process and technology global sourcing, Jeff Miller, in a discussion on PAT with Control magazine's Editor in Chief Walt Boyes and Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert.

Though users in other process industries have seen it coming for years, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is now bringing similar improvements and benefits to many pharmaceutical applications. This audio podcast focuses on the reasons for implementing PAT and the differences between PAT and simply using process analyzers. It was recorded during the PAT Roundtable that was held at Control magazine's 2006 AutomationXchange in Park City, Utah.

Pillai is senior manager/team leader for Drug Product Integrated Automation Solutions with Pfizer Global Manufacturing — IT. He is working on developing standards and global IT programs to support widespread adoption of Pfizer’s Right First Time Initiative, including Process Analytical Technologies. Warman is senior manager/team leader with Pfizer’s Process Analytical Support Group, Global Technology. He leads the team responsible for developing and rolling out standardized PAT systems to support Pfizer’s Right First Time Initiative.

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