Joint Project Seeks to Model Predictive Control of Bioprocess Development and Scale-up

Sept. 26, 2007
Broadley-James Corp. and Emerson Process Management are partnering to test bioreactor modeling techniques and tools to support FDA’s Process Analytical Technology initiative.

At the Emerson Global Users Exchange in Dallas earlier this month, Emerson Process Management and Broadley-James Corp., an Irvine, Calif.-based manufacturer of sensors and bioreactors, announced an intriguing partnership: The two vendors are working together to develop and test a model for predictive, in-line control of mammalian cell culture, from development through scale-up. Their ambitious goal is to create a "high-fidelity" model that would yield consistently high-quality proteins regardless of whether the batch size was 2L, 20L or even 2,000L.

Click here to view a video interview with Broadley-James Corp. President Scott Broadley; Trish Benton, a life sciences consultant for Broadley-James; and Terry Blevins, chief technologist, Process System Solutions, Emerson Process Management, conducted by Walt Boyes, editor-in-chief of our sister publication, Control.