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  • July/August 2023
  • July/August 2023

    July/August 2023 pharma manufacturing
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    Navigating nitrosamines

    Aug. 28, 2023
    Pharma’s risk assessment needs to go beyond APIs
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    Pharma facility commissioning in a virtual world

    Aug. 14, 2023
    Digital twins can reduce commissioning time by 40%
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    AI: Cybersecurity’s powerful new tool

    Aug. 14, 2023
    How pharma can leverage artificial intelligence-enhanced technology to protect from cyberthreats
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    Beating FDA to the punch

    Aug. 10, 2023
    A proactive approach to risk mitigation can help weed out quality issues before they become citations
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    OSD soars: Evolution of oral solid dose technology

    Aug. 8, 2023
    In phase 2 of our OSD series, we cover the resurgence of fixed-dose combinations and the pursuit of effective oral delivery for biologics

    More content from July/August 2023

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    OSD soars: Advancements leading the way in drug delivery

    Aug. 8, 2023
    In this initial installment of our exploration into the history and evolution of oral solid dose drugs, we take a look at the transformative path from ancient pills to the future...
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    Taking Stock: Building a better TPRM program

    Aug. 7, 2023
    How a robust third-party risk management solution can alleviate drug supply chain pressures