EMD Millipore - Clarisolve Depth Filters

Dec. 4, 2013

Full Name: Clarisolve Depth Filters

 EMD Millipore, Billerica, Mass.      

Status: Active; ready for single-stage clarification

Debut: September 2013

Field Position: Downstream bioprocessing

Skill Set: Efficient single-stage clarification of pretreated feed streams; gradient density structure designed specifically to common feed stream particle size distributions.

Performance Stats:
• Provides fast and efficient clarification of high density pretreated feed streams
• Enables processing in a significantly reduced footprint with reduced flushing requirements
• Eliminates the need for centrifugation
• Fully scalable from lab to process scale

Player’s Profile: Clarisolve depth filters eliminate the need for centrifugation which enables implementation of a fully single-use process train, and reduces pre-use flushing requirements. This technology was developed to address the shortcomings of traditional downstream clarification approaches when processing high cell density and high-product titer cell cultures.

Coach’s Notes: ”Until now, higher titers coming from upstream bioreactors have posed a challenge to conventional approaches to clarification,” described Vin Donovan, Vice President of Biopharm Process Solutions, EMD Millipore. “With Clarisolve® depth filters, our customers can now take full advantage of high density pretreated feed streams and improve overall process economics.”

Scout’s Notes: “Delivers improved volumetric capacity and reduced turbidity over any currently available depth filtration technologies.”