CM44 Liquiline Multichannel Transmitter

Jan. 20, 2014

Full Name: CM44 Liquiline Multichannel Transmitter

 Endress+Hauser, Greenwood, IN       

Status: Ready for pharma process monitoring and Rockwell PlantPAx integration

Debut: November 2013

Field Position: Liquid processing lines, measuring and controlling process variables

Skill Set: Strong Individual contributor to processing trains via EtherNet/IP, one CM44 transmitter in play allows access to many parameters and accepts inputs down to the sensor level including sensor condition and diagnostics.

Performance Stats:
• Modular platform allows device scalability (plant operators can add more channels or capabilities by simply adding another module).
• Hot plug and play: automatic sensor recognition for all Memosens digital sensors – permits attachment of any of 14 parameters to any of the channels without any additional software or hardware no device rebooting required.
• EtherNet/IP with an 8 channel analytical device simplifies device integration and data management; beneficial with so much data being provided from a single source. 

Player’s Profile: Key contributor to compliance and quality regimes on cGMP and QbD-informed processes, device provides process data and connectivity to critical control and informatics networks.

Coach’s Notes: Traditionally, devices measuring and controlling process variables rely on a process instrumentation network to transfer data, while other devices within the plant work on a completely different network. By improving this complex multi-tier networking strategy with one standard network architecture – EtherNet/IP – users have better access to real-time information. This improves the ability to monitor overall performance, troubleshoot out-of-margin conditions and minimize downtime. 

Scout’s Notes: “E+H is one of the only instrument vendors that has EtherNet/IP, so it’s the only vendor that can allow maintenance techs and operators to access instrument diagnostics and real-time information from a PAC, PLC or PC without going through the entire fieldbus procedure. With fieldbus, diagnostic data has to get from the instrument to the fieldbus spur, to a device router, to a fieldbus input device, to a fieldbus network back to the DCS, then to the process historian where--finally--operators and maintenance and asset management software can look at it. EtherNet/IP avoids all that overhead because a PAC, PLC or PC can get the data immediately, directly from the instrument over an Ethernet cable.”

Team Resources: Formed in December 2004, the strategic alliance between Rockwell Automation and Endress+Hauser addresses the challenges manufacturers face when integrating advanced instrumentation into a plantwide process control system, using Endress+Hauser’s measurement devices and the Rockwell Automation integrated control and information architecture delivers tight integration between the Endress+Hauser spectrum of process instruments (including level, flow, pressure, temperature and analytical) and the Rockwell Automation plantwide control system.