DryLoc Sensors

May 20, 2014

Full Name: DryLoc Sensors

 Georg Fischer Piping Systems, Tustin, CA

Status: Active, ready to integrate or upgrade current sensors

Debut: May, 2014

Field Position: Diverse pH and ORP sensing applications across pharma and chemical process system piping, including GF and industry standard threaded and Signet fittings

Skill Set: Rugged Ryton body material, DryLoc positive connector system, resists moisture/dirt intrusions

Performance Stats:
• Clicks to indicate solid water-tight connection
• Signet DryLoc preamplifiers can be used with any Signet pH or ORP instrument and include electronics with 4 to 20 mA output for connection to PLC’s, SCADA systems, etc.
• Intelligent positioning of an internal temperature element is embedded in the pH and ORP sensing elements, giving a quick temperature response for a highly responsive measurement

Regulatory Profile: Ready for cGMP and QBD based process applications

Coach’s Notes: Sensing elements are available in various configurations: The flat pH and ORP versions allow sediment and particles to sweep past the measurement surface, minimizing the risks of abrasion, breakage and coating. The bulb pH version can be used for general purpose applications.  There are two unique sensing versions, HF and LC, available.  The HF version is for applications where hydrofluoric acid is present at trace (less than 2 percent) amounts in pH levels below 6 pH.  The LC version can be used for low conductivity fluids (not less than 20 uS/cm). 

Scout’s Notes: The pH/ORP Sensors mount into standard Signet 0.50 inch to 4 inch fittings as well as into Georg Fischer tees and off-the-shelf reducing tees of ¾ inch or larger.  Retrofitting into existing ¾ inch tees or into 1 inch tees is easy to do by using a reducer bushing. This installation versatility makes virtually any manufacturer’s sensor simple and easy to replace  when coupled with the Signet 2760 DryLoc connector, which can hook up to other manufacturers instruments (with internal preamplifiers). The choice of a PT-1000 or 3KΩ temperature sensor allows compatibility with all Signet pH/ORP instruments and is designed specifically for use with the Signet 2750 Sensor Electronics and 2760 preamplifiers.

Team Resources: GF Piping Systems supplies a full range of plastic pipe, fittings, valves, actuators, rotameters, fusion machines, secondary containment, heat exchangers, custom products, and sensors and instrumentation for industrial process control.