REVEAL Measurement Appliances

May 28, 2014

Full Name: REVEAL Measurement Appliances

 Prozess Technologie, St.Louis, MO

Status: Active

Debut: May, 2014

Field Position: In-line, continuous and batch PAT measurements

Skill Set: In-process spectroscopic measurement tool with on-board application science that can be easily deployed and maintained, at a price point that is well below industry standards. REVEAL is designed to work in virtually any manufacturing environment, including hazardous areas, and provides data that is accessible anytime via wired and wireless methods to upstream control systems and portable devices such as laptops and tablets.

Performance Stats:
• Application model built-in for rapid deployment and simplified operation
• Retains the accuracy and reliability of Prozess’ existing analyzer portfolio, in a streamlined, lower cost option
• Broad array of sample interfaces for ready integration into all processes

Regulatory Profile: GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Coach’s Notes: “We call this device an appliance because, unlike other analyzer platforms, REVEAL is a single purpose measurement device.  It reduces the burden on in-house PAT expertise and delivers an accurate measurement for batch-based and continuous production,” said CEO Randall Kruep. 

Team Resources: St. Louis-based Prozess Technologie designs, builds and implements spectroscopic solutions for process measurement and control in multiple manufacturing sectors. Prozess currently serves 16 of the top 20 pharmaceutical and life science companies and has deployed systems to food & beverage, agriculture and petrochemical companies. Privately held, the organization operates from California and Saint Louis, Missouri.