LabElite Benchtop Line

June 3, 2014

Full Name: LabElite Benchtop Line

 Hamilton Storage Technologies

Status: Active

Debut: Pittcon 2014

Field Position: Laboratory, R&D benchtop

Skill Set: End-to-end, automated liquid sample processing, decapping, recapping, high speed barcode reading (I.D. Capper, DeCapper, Reader)

Performance Stats:
• Quickly processes all common labware types
• Automatically processes and tracks while ensuring sample integrity
• Flexible, high throughput, optimizes workflows

Regulatory Profile: Supports QA/QC lab procedures, cGMP and QBD-based lab environments

Coach’s Notes: “This newest innovation from Hamilton provides the market with the first product where the user has the ability to positively identify the tube chosen for decapping/recapping and track it throughout the workflow,” says Peter Hoffmann, project leader storage technologies, Hamilton Bonaduz AG.

Scout’s Notes: The LabElite I.D. Capper enables labs to combine decapping/recapping and high-speed barcode reading within one device without additional user interaction. When sample tracking is not required, the LabElite DeCapper is ready for decapping and recapping tubes in 48-cryovial or 96-microtube racks. A new feature can automatically move the racks from portrait to landscape formats. For labs with manual workflows that need an efficient 2-D barcode reader for tube racks, the LabElite I.D. Reader is ideal able to decode multiple types of labware including 2-D barcoded tubes in all common 12-, 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-tube racks including honeycomb-shaped racks, for complete sample tracking during processing.

Team Resources: Hamilton Storage Technologies is a division of Hamilton Company, a privately held global provider of liquid handling, process measurement, robotics and storage solutions, serving customers in academic and private research laboratories, pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic companies and government institutions. Hamilton maintains headquarters in Reno, Nevada; Franklin, Massachusetts; and Bonaduz, Switzerland.