FLEXI-DISC Tubular Cable Conveyors

June 18, 2014

Full Name: FLEXI-DISC Tubular Cable Conveyors

Team: Flexicon Corp.

Status: Active

Debut: 2014

Field Position: Across material handling and finished pharma product operations

Skill Set: System conveys fragile, friable products gently, quietly and dust-free, horizontally, vertically or at any angle, through small holes in walls or ceilings. and convey over short distances or hundreds of feet/meters.

Performance Stats:
• Conveyor moves material using high-strength polymer discs in 4 in. (10 cm) and 6 in. (15 cm) diameters affixed to a stainless steel or galvanized cable.
• System can have single or multiple inlets and outlets, and convey over short distances or hundreds of feet/meters.
• Modular system components of 304 or 316 stainless steel, include tubing, drive wheel housings, tension wheel housings, metered and non-metered inlets, and discharges with and without valves, as well as accessories for wet or dry cleaning, including CIP sanitizing.

Regulatory Profile: Suitable for cGMP and QbD-bases compliant operations.

Coach’s Notes: Flexicon’s FLEXI-DISC tubular cable conveyors are designed to transport fragile materials and integrate with upstream and/or downstream equipment that sources material from single or multiple locations and deliver it selectively to storage vessels, filling machines or other processing equipment. Upstream equipment ranges from inlet hoppers and metering devices to bulk bag dischargers, drum/box/container dumpers, bag dump stations, weigh batching/blending systems and storage vessels. Typical downstream equipment includes bulk bag fillers, drum/box/container fillers, packaging machines and storage vessels.

Scout’s Notes: Gentle handling offered by the conveyor makes it suitable for products that are prone to breakage or degradation in transit, including bulk chemicals, minerals, microspheres, tablets, capsules and other friable materials. All equipment is available to sanitary or industrial standards with manual or automated controls, and is factory-tested for seamless integration with the conveyor and the user's process.

Team Resources: Flexicon Corporation offers free testing in its laboratory facility on full-scale Tubular Cable Conveyors and upstream equipment to simulate customer processes. Flexicon also manufactures Flexible Screw Conveyors, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Bulk Bag Dischargers/Fillers/Conditioners, Palletizers, Bag Dump Stations, Bag Compactors, Drum/Box/Container Dumpers, Weigh Batching/Blending Stations and Automated Plant-Wide Bulk Handling systems.