June 18, 2014

Full Name: RapID

Team: Cobalt Light Systems

Status: Active

Debut: Pittcon 2014

Field Position: Materials reception, QA/QC operations

Skill Set: A pioneering instrument for the identification of raw materials through unopened packaging, offering significant cost savings.

Performance Stats:
• Sacks of lactose can now be identified through a multilayer paper sack in 20-30 seconds without needing to open or sample the sack
• Deploys a patented technique known as Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS)
• Can measure a Raman spectrum through unopened sacks, bottles, coloured glass and opaque plastic containers.

Regulatory Profile: Meets emerging regulatory requirements (per PIC/S) to 100 percent test all incoming raw materials for cGMP compliant operations.

Coach’s Notes: Cobalt Light Systems RapID, is a pioneering technology that can identify raw materials through unopened packaging. The pharmaceutical industry spends significant time and resource on verifying the identity of raw materials before they enter the manufacturing process. Accurate ID of these materials is essential and can be very time consuming, expensive and resource intensive. For sterile and bio-manufacturing it is often important to minimise or eliminate contamination. RapID allows ID through unopened plastic containers for growth media and brown glass bottles for sterile liquids.

Scout’s Notes: 100% testing of raw materials is desirable or a regulatory requirement for companies selling products in Europe and the U.S. and is being introduced throughout the world via initiatives such as PIC/S. These changes put ever greater demands on manufacturers to find ways of improving efficiencies throughout the value chain. With RapID a warehouse can achieve 100 percent ID pharmaceutical raw materials with much lower resources.

Team Resources: Cobalt Light Systems develops products and technology for non-invasive analysis. Cobalt addresses several markets with unique instruments for security, pharmaceutical and research industries. Cobalt was established in 2006 to develop its novel technologies into a range of Raman applications for laboratory and industrial analysis. The underlying technology is exclusive to the company and was invented at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK.