Tersus Cleanroom Laundering Solution

June 18, 2014
Full Name: Tersus Cleanroom Laundering Solution

Team: CO2Nexus

Status: Active

Debut: 2013

Field Position: Life Sciences and Pharma cleanroom operation

Skill Set: Tersus series enables simple, modular cleanroom laundry plants to be deployed virtually anywhere, liberating cleanroom garment end users and service providers from the uncertainties associated with water availability, permitting, cost, and quality.

Performance Stats:
• Features the world’s first and only CO2-based barrier (pass thru) system, and the company’s cleanroom-specific process and chemistry, Tersus uses liquid carbon dioxide in place of water
• Offers 40-45 pound (18-20kg) cleaning capacity with short 30-minute cycle times (application specific), resulting in 90 lbs (40kg) throughput per hour
• Advanced control system allows for application specific tunability

Regulatory Profile: Supports compliant cleanroom operations.

Coach’s Notes: Given their enormous consumption of water, the potential disruption to current cleanroom end users from water scarcity and quality is no academic matter. In fact, the World Economic Forum’s global risk report for 2013 asked 1000 experts to rate 50 potential global risks, and the potential for a global water supply crisis ranked in the top 5 for both impact and likelihood to occur in the next 10 years.  With water prices increasing globally, Pharma manufacturers managing clean room operations can benefit economically and in sustainability terms by implementing this system.

Scout’s Notes: The series boasts user friendly operations; advanced control systems allowing for application specific tunability; an easy maintenance schedule with quick to access parts and panels; and remote access allowing for diagnostics and software updates to take place from afar.

Team Resources: CO2Nexus, Inc. develops equipment, processes and consumables that utilize liquid carbon dioxide as a solvent for processing fabrics and textiles. CO2 garment and fabric processing is widely applicable across the greater textile industry. Based in Denver, Colorado, CO2Nexus’ team consists of seasoned CO2 process technology veterans from the textile cleaning, engineering and manufacturing disciplines.